Battle Against an Obvious Scam

I hired a lawyer near me when a lawn care company tried to cheat me out of decent service. I hired the company to do some standard work in my backyard, like cutting the grass, removing vines, cutting up any fallen debris, and getting rid of any weeds. I arranged for the company to do the work while I was away at work. I paid them in advance, but when I got home, I found that they had only cut the grass and done nothing else. When I contacted them about the work they hadn’t done, they told me that I only paid them to cut the grass and nothing else.

The company has a price list for the services that they offer, so there was no way that they could think that I was only paying them to cut the grass when I gave them way more money than that. They even gave me an invoice for the payment. Still they argued that I only paid them for the grass and if I wanted the rest of the work done I would have to pay them extra. Rather than caving into their scam, I exercised my right to take legal action.

With the lawyer on my side, I had an open and shut case. The judge looked at the invoice that was given to me by the company and saw that I had paid for the services that the company didn’t perform. The judge ordered that the company give me a full refund and pay for my legal fees. The company is also been ordered to cease any services they provide while they undergo a legal investigation for any other customers they may have cheated in the past. Of course now I have to find a new company to do my lawn work.